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Jessie P's Testimony!
I didn't know it until a few years ago, but God has a plan for me! There have been several times in my life when I should have died, but God knew it wasn't my time yet.
I guess the first time was when I was around 2 years old my sister had accidentally given me a cup of arsenic to drink thinking it was water. I was rushed to the hospital where every possible test and procedure was done to try to save my life. It wasn't looking good for me and the doctor told my parents that I probably wouldn't make it through the night. He told them that if they were praying people they better start ,because God was the only thing that could save me. I've never known my folks to be a real religious bunch, but I guess their prayers worked because here I am.
Skipping ahead quite a few years when I was 15 I purchased my first street legal motorcycle. It was an older bike and had some issues. The bearings were worn , the carburetor was crusty and would spit and sputter at around 60mph. One morning I started working on the carb. and after several hours I thought I had it right so I jumped on for a test ride. The police didn't bother coming out to our little town to often and there usually wasn't much traffic so it was fairly common to not wear a helmet and speed limits were just suggestions. I started down a road that I had ridden at least a thousand times at pretty high speeds as I got up to 60mph the bike was doing great 70...80....90..no problems. The last time I looked down at the speedometer I was running 120mph just before I was about to cross a bridge that had recently been repaved. Remember those bad bearings I mentioned earlier? They don't mix well with that kind of speed and loose gravel. I felt the bike start to wobble and shake that's the last I really remember until I was pushing that bike off of me and trying to get untangled from the chain link fence I was wrapped up in. I managed to get free and wasn't really hurting. I picked up my bike to ride home but there wasn't much left of it, so I began to walk. A van pulled up and insisted that I needed to get in. I didn't realize how bad I was hurt and didn't want to get blood in his van so I refused. The man forced me to get into the van so that he could bring me home. That's when I realized I was pretty messed up. Somehow I had walked a quarter mile with my knee cap out of place and my forehead split open. It took the doctors 6 hours to scrub asphalt out of me. For the next 15 years I had pain in under the right side of my rib cage that no doctor could explain, The only way to get enough relief so that I could sleep was to sleep with about 80 pounds of weight on that side. I slept with concrete weights on my chest and ribs and even dated a woman for 4 years because she was the right weight to lay across my ribs so that I could sleep. When I met my current wife I slept across the bed so that her legs were across me. After a few years she decided we needed to find my problem, and since she works in the medical field she got me hooked up with the right tests. They found out that the impact from my wreck had turned my gall bladder to the consistency of pudding. One outpatient surgery and my pain would be gone....we thought. While in surgery my doctor cut the wrong thing then did a terrible patch job.
Almost exactly one year later I started to itch. I was itching so bad I was clawing big hunks of meat from my feet and legs, then I started turning yellow. my skin and eyes were yellow, I had no energy, couldn't stop itching I even started scratching with my pocket knife. Back to the doctor I went. blood test showed that my liver wasn't functioning and I was sent to a specialist. This new doctor didn't know much about the patch job the previous surgeon had done and needed to run a scope to see what was going on. The scope Punctured my right lung and I was in I.C.U. for what seemed like forever. By the time my lung healed it was approaching my son's birthday and the doctor wanted to give my body a little more time before my next surgery so I asked if I could go home for a little while. I got to go home for my son's birthday and was due back in two weeks for surgery. While I was out I became extremely dehydrated and my Kidneys stopped. I was in renal failure which resulted in another postponed surgery. After 9 months in and out of the hospital I was finally on a road to recovery.
 I went back for several post-op appointments and was informed that I would most likely not live another 5 years due to the amount of damage that was done to my body from the wreck, the first surgery, and the amount of drugs and alcohol that I used in my younger days.
That doctor gave me 5 years to live and he was RIGHT!! 5 years almost to the date on a rainy Sunday morning I rode into a biker church with a brother who had been battling sickness and hadn't been able to ride I over a year. We rolled into that church and that old life died! I was born again 5 years after I was given 5 years to live!
 God puts certain people in our lives for certain purposes.
 He put a God loving doctor in my parents lives and had them pray for me when I was 2.
 He put my wife in my life to get me the help I needed.
 He put  friend and brother Ottis Arnold in my life to lead me to that church that rainy Sunday morning,
And he put Pastor T and In The Wind Ministries in my life to lead me to the Lord.
I tend to stay away from doctors now , but the last blood test I had done showed that all my liver functions are 100% normal and for that I give 100% thanks to God.


Jessie P